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What to Follow in Difficult Days

February 17, 2013 Series: The Pastoral Epistles

Scripture: 2 Timothy 3:10–3:17

Introduction –

I. Illustrations of God’s Servants v.10-14

A. Paul

B. Lois

C. Eunice

II. Instructions of God’s Scriptures v.15-17

A. Trustworthiness of the Scriptures

1. Inspired v. 16

2. Profitable v. 16

3. Thorough v. 17

B. Sufficiency of the Scriptures

1. Salvation v. 15

2. Teaching v. 16

3. Reproof v. 16

4. Correction v. 16

5. Training v. 16

Next Steps:

• Be encouraged by godly examples but, don’t fix your eyes on them.

• Support the opportunities to teach our children and teens with the Word of God.

• Translate the sufficiency of God’s Word to the reality of life.

• Examine your response to the Word of God!

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