Bethel Bible Church

Ministry Team

Bethel Bible Church is by the grace of God, a gathering of redeemed people delighting in their Savior. We strive to love God and love others. 


Bethel Bible Church employs several BBC members to work in a full-time (paid) capacity to the entire church.  Staff members work on a variety of tasks, whether an on-going duty like making the church bulletin, or a short-term project like picking curriculum, the staff allows the Bethel family to run smoothly.


Lead Pastor Don Whipple 2022

Lead Pastor
Don Whipple
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Matthew Dodd, Associate Pastor 2022

Matthew Dodd 
Associate Pastor
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Melody Perez, Ministry Assistant 2022

Melody Perez
Ministry Assistant
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The Bethel elders are primarily responsible for prayer, the ministry of the Word, shepherding the flock, and equipping the body for ministry. Read more about elders.


Matthew Dodd, Associate Pastor 2022

Matthew Dodd

Chris Krohn, elder 2022

Chris Krohn

Mike McKay, Elder 2022

Mike McKay

Kerry Miller, Elder 2022

Kerry Miller

Randy Mitchell, Elder 2022

Randy Mitchell

Lead Pastor Don Whipple 2022

Don Whipple



The Bethel deacons serve the church as “ministers of mercy” and administrative assistants to the elders (see Acts 6:1-7). Read more about deacons. 

The men currently serving Christ's Body here at Bethel are the following: 

Dave Gagnon, deacon 2022

Dave Gagnon

Gary Gudeman, deacon 2022

Gary Gudeman

Randy Hutton, Deacon 2022

Randy Hutton

Matthew Scott, Deacon 2022

Matthew Scott