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Difficult Last Days

February 10, 2013 Series: The Pastoral Epistles

Scripture: 2 Timothy 3:1–3:9

Introduction –

I. Know the Times

A. Last Days

B. Times

C. Difficulty

II. Know the Traits

A. Self-seeking pleasure
B. Love and passion for money
C. Proud braggers – outward revealing inward
D. Arrogant – inflated view of themselves
E. Abusive – insultingly slanderous ‘blasphemos’
F. Disobedient to parental authority
G. Ungrateful – lit. without grace
H. Unholy – no devotion or reverence to God
I. Heartless – hardhearted lack of affection
J. Unappeasable – unwilling refusal to listen
K. Slanderous – diabolically evil
L. Without self-control – uninhibitedly impulsive
M. Brutal – fierce, vicious, untamed
N. Not loving good – opposed to good
O. Treacherous – betrays
P. Reckless – lit. to fall forward – impetuous
Q. Swollen with conceit – puffed up with pride
R. Lovers of pleasure more than God
S. Appear to be godly – deny the power
T. Oppose the truth – active resistance to truth
U. Corrupt in mind – depraved, cause ruin
V. Disqualified regarding truth – proven to be

III. Know the Termination

A. There is a limit

B. Their foolishness will become evident

Next Steps:

• Avoid such people!

• Avoid such behavior!


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