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An Approved Workman

February 3, 2013 Series: The Pastoral Epistles

Scripture: 2 Timothy 2:14–2:26

Introduction –

I. Cut Straight! v. 14-19

A. Be encouraging!

B. Be eager!

C. Be evasive!

D. Be entrenched!

II. Clean Out! v. 20-21

So that we will be …

A. Honorable

B. Holy

C. Helpful

D. Hetoimazo

III. Chase After! v. 22-26

A. Flee!

B. Follow!

C. Forsake!

D. Focus!

Next Steps:

An Approved Worker will …

• Examine and evaluate the product of his words and conversations!

• Do everything possible to be prepared!

• Serve others with an eternal perspective!

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