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What Are You Thinking?

January 27, 2013 Series: The Pastoral Epistles

Scripture: 2 Timothy 2:8–2:13

Introduction –

I. Remember the Risen Messiah!

A. Resurrection centrality

B. Incarnation necessity

C. Gospel proclamation

II. Remember the Released Word of God!

A. The messengers may be restricted.

B. The message is never restricted.

III. Remember the Realistic Purpose of Living!

A. Enduring all things

B. For the sake of the elect

C. To be useful as God’s chosen instrument

IV. Remember the Resolute Truths of the Word!

4 Couplets of Faithful Words:

A. Promises for the believer

1. Identification

2. Endurance

B. Warnings for the lost

1. Denial

2. Faithless

Next Steps:

• Take thoughtful steps to remember Jesus Christ!

• Take thoughtful steps to be thankful for each situation!

• Take thoughtful steps that are on solid foundations!

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