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Thanks for the Memories

January 6, 2013 Series: The Pastoral Epistles

Scripture: 2 Timothy 1:1–1:7

Introduction –

Paul was …

I. Thankful for Intercessory Prayer

A. Prayer that is constant

B. Prayer that is urgent

II. Thankful for Intimate Fellowship

A. Fellowship that is meaningful

B. Fellowship that is passionate

C. Fellowship that is purposeful

III. Thankful for Indwelling Faith

A. Faith that is exemplified

B. Faith that is genuine

C. Faith that is residing

IV. Thankful for the Indwelling Spirit of God

A. An indwelling that is the gift of God.

B. An indwelling that can be neglected.

C. An indwelling that is evident.

D. An indwelling that is not cowardly.

E. An indwelling that is dynamically capable.

F. An indwelling that is others-minded.

G. An indwelling that is sensible.

Next Steps:

• Cultivate a prayerful mind and heart.

• Cherish the relationships of life.

• Consistently live your faith.

• Continually call to mind the grace, mercy, and peace from God.

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