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The Case of the Torn Curtain!

June 29, 2014 Series: Jesus...the anchor of our soul!

Scripture: Hebrews 7:11–7:28

I. The Evidence
     A. Deficiency of Aaron's Priesthood
          1. Could Never Offer Perfection
          2. Connection Between Law & Levitical Priesthood
          3. Change in the Priesthood Meant Change in Law
     B. Depth of Melchizedek's Priesthood
          1. Jesus was not from Tribe of Levi but Judah
          2. Jesus a Priest after the Order of Melchizedek
          3. Jesus' Death Began He Priestly Ministry, not end it
          4. Jesus Provides a Better Hope to Draw Near to God
II. The Witness
     A. The affirmation of the Father
     B. The Guarantee of the Son
     C. The Power of the Spirit (Romans 1:1)
III. The Verdict
     A. Jesus Saves
          1. Convincingly
          2. Completely
          3. Constantly (makes intercession)
     B. Jesus is Spotless
          1. Holy
          2. Innocent (harmless)
          3. Unstained
          4. Separated
          5. Exalted
     C. Jesus is Sufficient
     D. Jesus is Secure

Next Step:
     Draw Near To God!

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