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Parting Words

November 23, 2014 Series: Jesus...the anchor of our soul!

Scripture: Hebrews 13:17–13:25


I. God's Enduring Commands
     A. Obey your leaders (17)
     B. Submit to your leaders (17)
          3 Reasons to Obey & Submit
             1. They keep watch over your soul
             2. They are accountable
             3. You spiritually profit
     C. Pray for your leaders (18)
     D. Receive the Word (22)
     E. Express your love (24)
II. God's Encouraging Certainties
     A. His Peace (20)
     B. His Promise (20)
     C. His Provision (20)
     D. His Perfecting (21)
     E. His Performing (21)
     F. His Preeminence (21)
     G. His Pleasure (25)
Next Steps:
     > Preach Hebrews truth to yourself daily:
        "Jesus is our sole anchor for our soul!"
        "Jesus is our sure anchor for our soul!"
        "Jesus is our superior anchor for our soul!"

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