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Consider Jesus!

April 27, 2014 Series: Jesus...the anchor of our soul!

Scripture: Hebrews 3:1–3:6

To Consider Something: It is the intensity & energy given to an object. What captivates your attention? That thing makes everything else secondary.
I. Whom do we consider? (1)
     A. Jesus, the Apostle. Sent by God to us to reveal Himself!
     B. Jesus, the High Priest. Interceding for us! He offers Himself as a sacrifice to reconcile us to God.
II. Why do we consider? (2-5)
Comparison & Contrast
     A. Jesus was faithful, like Moses.
     B. Jesus is more glorious than Moses!
          1. Jesus is the builder of the house.
          2. Jesus is the son, not the servant.
          There is no one greater to consider!
III. How do we consider? (6)
Living out the truth is required.
     A. Hold fast to our confidence.
     B. Hold fast our boasting in hope.
Next Steps:
     • Consider Jesus in the Gospel!
     • Consider Jesus in our obedience to the Word!
     • Consider Jesus in our quiet moments!
     • Consider Jesus in our church!
     • Consider Jesus in our worship!
     • Consider Jesus in our evangelism & missions!

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