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The Joys of the Ministry

I. The joy of communication. 8-10
     A. Public testimony.
     B. Private prayer.
II. The joy of connection. 11-13
     A. Using your spiritual gifts.
     B. Strengthening one another.
     C. Mutually encouraging one another.
III. The joy of commitment. 14-15
     A. Indebted to others.
     B. Eager to preach the Gospel to others.
IV. The joy of confidence. 16-17
     A. The power of God.
     B. The salvation by God.
     C. The faith in God.
     D. The righteousness of God.

Next Steps:
When our ultimate joy is Jesus, we must be joyful in what He is joyful!!
     ~ Joyfully speak of the Gospel!
     ~ Joyfully love God’s people!
     ~ Joyfully live for what really matters!
     ~ Joyfully rest in the power of the Gospel!