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Not Ashamed of the Gospel

November 11, 2018 Series: Romans: Unashamed of the Gospel

Scripture: Romans 15:14–16:27

Romans 15:14-16:27
Introduction         1:1-17
Condemnation     1:18-3:20
Justification          3:21-5:21
Sanctification        6:1-8:39 
National               9:1-11:36
Practical               12:1-15:13
Personal               15:14-16:27
I. Paul’s plans 15:14-29
     A. His past
     B. His future
II. Paul’s prayer requests. 15:30-33
     A. To be protected
     B. To be accepted
III. Paul’s greetings to the church. 16:1-16, 21-23
     Note the descriptions of individuals mentioned
IV. Paul’s instructions to the church. 16:17-19
     A. Be alert
     B. Avoid
     C. Continue to be innocently wise
V. Paul’s reminder of Gospel promises 16:20
VI. Paul’s reminder of Gospel blessings  16:25-27
     A. The power to strengthen believers.
     B. The power to save sinners.
Next Steps:
     ~ Proverbs 16:9
     ~ Greet ____________, one who _______________.
     ~ Keep your life centered on the Gospel – and the Gospel IS Jesus!