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The Foundation of the Gospel

November 5, 2017 Series: Romans: Unashamed of the Gospel

Scripture: Romans 1:1–7

I. Authorship of the letter – Paul
     A. A servant of Christ 1
     B. Called to be an Apostle 1
     C. Set apart for the Gospel 1
II. Recipients of the letter – those in Rome
     A. Loved by God 7
     B. Called to be saints 7
III. Place/Date of the letter
     A. Corinth
     B. 57-58 AD – near end of 3rd Missionary Journey
IV. Purposes of the letter.
     A. Announce plans to visit
     B. Settle the Jew/Gentile conflict
     C. Present a complete and detailed statement of the Gospel.
V. Theme of the letter – the Gospel
     A. A righteousness that we do not have.
     B. A righteousness that God possesses.
     C. A righteousness that God gives.
VI. The Foundation of the Gospel – v. 2-6
     A. Promised in the Old Testament
     B. Centered in Jesus
          1. The perfect man
          2. The perfect God
     C. Demands obedient response

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