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We all grow older, but do we grow up?

Oct 13, 2019 by: Dan Steffan

How the church grows in number, maturity, and depth:

I.  Reject sin (2:1)

     A.  Malice

     B.  Deceit

     C.  Hypocrisy

     D.  Envy

     E.  Slander

II.  Receive the Word (2:2-3)

     A.  How?

     B.  What?

     C.  Result?

III.  Rely upon the Rock (2:4-10)

     When we rely upon the Rock....

     1.  We are built up as a spiritual house (2:5)

     2.  We have courage (2:6-8)

     3.  We become witnesses for Jesus (2:9-10)