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A "Praise the Lord" Story

September 22, 2019 Pastor: Don Whipple

Scripture: Psalm 116:1–19

The people of God have stories to tell.  A past occasion when God heard you, met you at your time of need and acted on your behalf.  There is something infectious about God focused praise and gratitude that spurs us on in our faith journey.

Let's learn from Psalm 116 how to share our stories of praise and thanks to God for His glory and our encouragement.

1-4  Summary--here's what happened.

     1.  My love and commitment to God has grown. (vss. 1-2)

     2.  This growth happened in a time of deep despair.  (vss. 3-4)

5-11  Turning Points--here's what I discovered.

     1.  God graciously turned my heart toward Him.  (vss. 5-7)

     2.  God affirmed my faith in my distress. (vss. 8-11)

12-19  Take Aways--here's how I must live.

     1.  I will keep on calling on the Lord.  (vs. 13)

     2.  I will strive to rest in the Lord's protection.  (vss. 15-17)

     3.  I will go public with my love and praise for God!  (vss. 18-19)