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Clarifying Conundrum: When God Waits

May 19, 2019 Pastor: Chuck Steiner

Scripture: John 11:1–21

I.  Why do bad things happen to good people?  (John 11:1-5)

II.  Where is God when you want and need Him?  (John 11:6-7)

     A.  Scripture examples when God delays.  Four lessons about waiting.

          1.  The delay of God's promise. (Gennesis 12:15, 16:17)

          2.  The delay of God's procedure.  (Genesis 37-42) 

          3.  The delay of God's preparation.  (John 13:5-13; 21:15-18)

          4.  The delay of God's providence.  (Mark 5:21-42)

     B.  Several evident options

          1.  He could have prevented it from happening.

          2.  He could have provided healing.

III.  Why does God say "wait"?  (John 11:11-15)

     A.  God delays His reply for a purpose. 

IV.  What to do when God delays

     A.  Revise your schedule:  Pray...Psalm 31:5

     B.  Replace worry and doubt with hope and faith...Matthew 6:25-32

     C.  Remember God's clock is not our clock...Psalm 37:5

     D.  Remain confident in Him...Proverbs 3:3-6