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Strenghtened by the Word of God

December 30, 2018 Pastor: Bill McNabney

Scripture: Psalm 119:113–119:120

Sermon: Strengthened by the Word of God

Psalms 119:113-120

Introduction:  Biblical World View

  1.      The frustration of a bad response. V.113
  2.      Secure in Your Word. 114
  3.      A steadfast resolve. Setting boundaries.  115
  4.      God’s sustaining Grace. 116-117
  5.      God’s judgment on the wicked. The Unbeliever. 118-120

Action Points:

  1.      As a believer, would you commit for this coming year to make Bible Reading and Prayer a regular daily practice?
  2.      If not a believer, would you consider the b love of God for you and His gift of Salvation thru Jesus Christ as you approach the New Year?