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Teach Your Children Well

Jun 17, 2018 by: Tom Hopewell

The Historical Context 

The time line of Israel’s history:

         722 B.C.                                  586 B.C.

   Fall of N. Kingdom                    Fall of S. Kingdom

       To Assyria                                to Babylon

                 Hezekiah   715-686 B.C.

The royal line of Israel’s history: 

Ahaz / Hezekiah / Manasseh / Josiah / Jehoiakim / Zedekiah

I. Hezekiah’s prayer in national crisis 37:15-20
     A. Praise of the Almighty God.
     B. Pleading for the presence of God.
     C. Praying for the glory of God. 

II. Hezekiah’s prayer in personal crisis 38:2-3
     A. He personally engaged God. 
     B. He passionately entreated God.

Next Steps: Truths worth teaching!

  • The privilege and power of prayer.
  • The brevity of life.
  • The sovereignty of God in all things.
  • The grace of God in forgiveness of sins.
  • Make the most of every opportunity – today!
  • The confident hope in God’s deliverance.
  • The joy of consistent praise of God with God’s people.