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Contending for the Faith

September 24, 2017

Scripture: Jude 1:1–25

I. The relationship of the author. 1-2
     A. To those who are called.
     B. To those who are beloved.
     C. To those who are kept.
II. The reason for the letter. 3-4
     “epagonizomai” = __________________________
III. The recounting of past judgment. 5-7
    A. Egypt
    B. Angels
    C. Sodom & Gomorrah
IV. The recognition of continuing error. 8-16
     A. Reject God’s authority. 8-11
     B. Reveal empty hypocrisy. 12,13,16
     C. Receive God’s justice. 14-15
V. The response of contending action. 17-23
     A. Remember the Truth of God!
     B. Guard the Love of God!
     C. Display the Mercy of God!
VI. The doxology of praise and worship! 24-25