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The 3 Men of 3 John

September 17, 2017

Scripture: 3 John 1:1–15

I. Greetings to the beloved. 1
II. Gaius, the beloved. 2-8
     A. He has a prosperous soul.
     B. He has a consistent walk.
     C. He is a faithful giver.
III. Diotrephes, the belligerent. 9-10
     A. Self-centered
     B. Arrogant
     C. Malicious speech
     D. Inhospitable
     E. Persecutor of the truth.
IV. Demetrius, the blessed. 11-12
     A. A good testimony
     B. Truth lined up with his life.
     C. Affirmed by the elder.
V. Closing remarks. 13-15
     A. Face to face fellowship.
     B. Greet all the friends.
Next Steps:
     ~ Know, and then live obediently in the truth!
     ~ Discerningly give to those who preach the truth!
     ~ Pattern your life after godly examples!
     ~ Develop an engaging fellowship with ALL your brothers and sisters in Christ!