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Troubled Heart

May 21, 2017 Series: Behold the Lamb: The Gospel According to John

Scripture: John 14:1–14:14

Our hearts can be legitimately troubled apart from sin. 

I. Commands to a Troubled Heart
     A. Stop being troubled
     B. Believe in God
     C. Believe in Christ

Next Step: Believe, and keep on believing!

II. Promises for a Troubled Heart
     A. A place is prepared (He is going to the cross to make a way for us to be with the Father.)
     B. Jesus will come again (Acts 1:11)

Next Step: Consistently call to mind, the best days for a Christian are not behind, but ahead! 

III. Responses of a Troubled Heart 
     A. Believe Biblically
     B. Pray Biblically

  1. For the glory of God

  2. In the name of the Son (1 John 5:14)

  3. To accomplish the great work of the Spirit

Next Step: 

> Center your prayers on the glory of God! (Luke 24:38; 1 Peter 3:13-15)

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