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The Fullness of Time: God's Person

December 18, 2016

Scripture: Galatians 4:4–7

God's Person - Jesus, the God-Man
I. The full deity of Jesus
     "Sent forth His Son"
     A. Preexistent
     B. Eternal
     C. God
     D. Commissioned
II. The full humanity of Jesus
     "Born of woman"
     A. Virgin Birth
     B. Fully God & Fully Man (Romans 1)
     C. Born in Bethlehem
     D. Grew up as a man
III. The full identity with us - mankind.
     "Born under the law"
     A. Subject to the Law
     B. Perfectly met the requirements fo the law
     C. Perfectly obeyed His Father
Next Steps:
     > Sharply focus on an accurate picture of Jesus!
     > Celebrate this Christmas - Emmanuel (God with us!)