March 1, 2015

The Essence of Faith

Series: Missions Conference '15: Unashamed of the Gospel Scripture: Romans 4:16–4:20

Romans 1:16-17 - I am not ashamed of the gospel. What would make you ashamed of the gospel? Why? You believe that? Faith is the crux of our salvation. The just shall live by faith. We are those who have been declared righteous. Doesn't mean just as if I'd never sinned. Rather it is the imputation of Christ's righteousness. We are called to live by faith. What does it take to live by faith so that you won't be ashamed?

An example is found in Romans 4:
Walk of faith begins at salvation. We are to live out our faith. Exemplify our faith. Exercise our faith. Actions must follow, faith without works is dead. We are to live a life worthy of our faith.
If I'm not walking, I'm not acting on what I believe.
We have an overview of Abraham acting by faith.But what drove him? The essence of faith, what it is and what it does.

1. A Surrendered Life (19) you can use me however you desire. My life is yours do what you want with it. Surrender your life to play sports, to run a farm.

2. A Straight Focus (20) didn't waiver, didn't stagger, didn't stray from his path. Lost their end destination. God's Provisional Services. Ashamed to show your faith, means your focus is on something other than following God. Demas was an example of this (2 Timothy). At this juncture in life, this is where people renounce their faith. Abraham was strong in faith and gave glory to God.

3. A Settled Conscience (21) fully persuaded that God could perform what he said.
These things prompted him to walk by faith

Result of these things--giving glory to God. When we walk a life of faith God gets the glory. We empty ourselves of ourselves and God gets the glory. We walk how he wants us to walk. What have you done for yourself that lasts for eternity- nothing!
Take from Abraham's life we can take something that helps us to walk by faith.
He imputed his righteousness to us and we display that by walking by faith.
Walking is an action.
Why would you be ashamed to share Christ with others?

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