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Responding to Our Enemies: Enemy #3" The Flesh

June 9, 2013 Series: Spiritual Warfare

Scripture: Romans 7:4–8:17

I. Make no provision for the flesh! Romans 13:14
     ï¾ Next Step: Put on Christ!
II. Give no opportunity for the flesh! Galatians 5:13
     ï¾ Next Step: Serve one another!
III. Don’t gratify the desires of the flesh! Galatians 5:16
     ï¾ Next Step: Walk by the Spirit!
IV. Put no confidence in the flesh! Philippians 3:3
     ï¾ Next Steps: Worship in the Spirit! Glory in Christ!
V. Abstain from the passions of the flesh! 1 Peter 2:11
     ï¾ Next Step: Proclaim the excellencies of Christ!