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The Announcement of Christ's Birth to Mary!

December 6, 2009 Series: Fear Not!

Scripture: Luke 1:26–1:38

Locations: Nazareth

     • The _________________ of the mother v. 26-31

          A ________________ Jewess

          Member of the tribe of ________________

          A ______________

          ____________________ to a carpenter


     • The _________________ Son to be born v. 32, 33

          He will be _________________

          Called ______________ of the Most High

          Given the ___________ of His father David

          He will _______________ over the house of Jacob forever

          His _____________________ will never end

     • The _____________________ act of God v. 34-37

          It is the _______________ of the Holy Spirit

          The baby is the ___________-____________

     • The _______________________ response v. 38

          “I am the ___________________ of the Lord”


     • Recognize that God is so much “____________” than us.

     • God _____________________ the “humanly impossible” situations.

     • Our response should be the same as Mary,

“I am your _______________.”