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For an Audience of One

May 2, 2020 Pastor: Don Whipple Series: The Sermon on the Mount

Scripture: Matthew 6:1–6, Matthew 6:16–18

Trying to keep track of who we are trying to please can be exhausting.  Jesus warns us as His followers about doing the good things we do to please people.  He then gives 3 illustrations while repeating the same points all three times.  The emphasis is intentional, not to make us change our techniques or methods of doing church, but to convince us that our greatest enemy is ourselves.  The reason people pleasing is such an issue is that pleasing people is simply a glorified way of pleasing ourselves.  Pleasing people props us up, helps us feel good about ourselves, convinces us that we are important and needed and ultimately shows us without a doubt that we are loved.  

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