February 23, 2020

Jesus Gets to the Heart of Conflict and Lust

Speaker: Don Whipple Series: The Sermon on the Mount Scripture: Matthew 5:21–30

People who have a high regard for the Bible may have a tendency to 'relax' (5:19) the meaning and impact of some of the more challenging standards or teachings of the bible.  Jesus addresses 2 of these topics in our passage today, relational conflict and sexual lust.  


Getting to the heart of conflict  (5:21-26)

     What you have heard.  (vs. 21)

     What that truth really includes.  (vs. 22)

     How that truth impacts your life.  (vss. 23-26)


Getting to the heart of lust  (5:27-30)

     What you have heard.  (vs. 27)

     What that truth really includes.  (vs. 28)

     How that truth impacts your life.  (vss. 29-30)


Getting to the heart of conflict and sexual sin.  

     1.  Unresolved conflicts:  settle matters quickly.  

     2.  Sexual sin:  do radical change now.


Romans 13:14  But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to gratify its desires.  

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