February 16, 2020

You, Your Bible and Jesus

Speaker: Don Whipple Series: The Sermon on the Mount Scripture: Matthew 5:17–20

A real dilemma for most of us is that we believe the right things about the Bible while we struggle to understand it and use it.  In today's passage from Matthew 5, Jesus warns and corrects those who have developed a lifestyle of saying they believe the Bible while not really understanding its meaning or obeying its message.  Let's receive with humility this corrective warning from our Lord about us and our Bibles. 

1.  Your Bible can be understood.  (vs. 17)

2.  Your Bible is dependable.  (vs. 18)

3.  Your Bible is to be obeyed.  (vs. 19)

4.  Your Bible is sufficient.  (vs. 20)


Warning! Confront & Correct!

1.  Stop explaining away the impact of Jesus' words.

2.  Repent of neglecting Jesus' words in your heart. 

3.  Start prayerfully receiving & doing Jesus' teaching.  

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