February 9, 2020

Let it Shine

Speaker: Don Whipple Series: The Sermon on the Mount Scripture: Matthew 5:14–16

Light is necessary for someone in darkness to see and be seen clearly.  Jesus uses this analogy of light shining to define the new identity and responsibility of His followers.  He teaches that people who do not see or know God can become worshipers of God by seeing the light from the life of one of His followers.  Amazing!

Review Mattew 5:14-16

Your influence declared.  (vs. 14)

Your influence illustrated.  (vss. 14-15)

Your influence commanded. (vs. 16)

Your influence described. (vs. 16)


Letting it Shine Principles

1.  Embrace your new identity.

2.  Renew your commitment to walk in the light.

3.  Speak and behave as greatly loved children of God.

4.  Display your light at specific others in darkness.

5.  Pray, asking God to make your light shine effectively. 




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