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A New Way of Life

It takes less than 15 minutes to read what is arguably the most powerful and controversial sermon ever given.  The teacher is Jesus, the place is on a mountainside and the audience consists of both his disciples and large crowds that were following him.  When this sermon is heard and obeyed, your life will be radically transformed.

3 characteristics of the sermon that will help you prepare to hear and put into practice what Jesus teaches:

1.  Meet the teacher--will you listen to him?  5:2

     His authority as the teacher

     His authority as the LORD

     His authority as the judge

2.  Look at the topic--are you interested?  6:8

     This new way of life...taught by Jesus

     Clearly countercultrual

     Clearly supernatural

3.  Prepare for the ending--will you learn?  7:24

     Note the common responses:

        say and do---say and do not  7:21-23

        hear and do---hear and do not  7:24-27