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A New Way of Life

January 12, 2020 Pastor: Don Whipple Series: The Sermon on the Mount

Scripture: Matthew 5:1– 7:29

It takes less than 15 minutes to read what is arguably the most powerful and controversial sermon ever given.  The teacher is Jesus, the place is on a mountainside and the audience consists of both his disciples and large crowds that were following him.  When this sermon is heard and obeyed, your life will be radically transformed.

3 characteristics of the sermon that will help you prepare to hear and put into practice what Jesus teaches:

1.  Meet the teacher--will you listen to him?  5:2

     His authority as the teacher

     His authority as the LORD

     His authority as the judge

2.  Look at the topic--are you interested?  6:8

     This new way of life...taught by Jesus

     Clearly countercultrual

     Clearly supernatural

3.  Prepare for the ending--will you learn?  7:24

     Note the common responses:

        say and do---say and do not  7:21-23

        hear and do---hear and do not  7:24-27



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