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Remembering Jesus

January 5, 2020 Pastor: Don Whipple

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 11:17–34

What did Jesus have in mind when He commanded His followers to remember Him using the bread and the cup?  Celebrating the Lord's Supper is intended by God to bring us to the cross to once again allow it to reshape our mindset and lifestyle.  

1.  Remembering Jesus can be done in a wrong way.  17-22

     a.  Thoughtless routing

     b.  Self focus

2.  Remembering Jesus is active not passive.  23-26

     a.  A command to obey.  

     b.  A message to proclaim.

3.  Remembering Jesus is an act of recommitment.

     a.  Examine your life.

     b.  Discern your attitudes.

     c.  Prepare yourself.