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Let's Agree to Agree

September 29, 2019 Pastor: Don Whipple

Scripture: Philippians 4:1–4:3

Let's Agree to Agree          Philippians 4:1-3

Redeeming Personal Conflicts

Observations from Euodia and Syntyche'e conflict

4:1  The church is a relationally tight community.

4:2  Church members in conflict need to resolve it.

4:3 Church members in conflict may need help in resolving it.


Biblical principles of peacemaking

Glorify God.  How can I please and honor God in this conflict?  Phil. 1:6

Get real about yourself.  What are my blindspots and how will I discover them?  Phil. 2:3

Gently restore.  How can I serve others in this conflict?  Phil. 2:4

Go and be reconciled.  How can I extend the grace of Christ to others?  Phil. 2"1-2


Let's agree to agree.  Your conflicts are for Christ.  

With His help and for His glory...Agree to resolve.  Agree to help others.