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My God and I

Jul 21, 2019 by: Chuck Steiner

I.  God's Omniscience:  He knows everything (vss. 1-2)

     He knows all about me!

     A.  Every deed (vs. 2)

     B.  Every thought (vs. 3)

     C.  Every word (vs. 4)

II.  God's Omnipresence:  He is everywhere (vss. 7-12)

     He is always with me!

     A.  Heaven (vs. 8)

     B.  Hell (vs. 8)

III.  God's Omnipotence:  He is all powerful (vss. 13-16)

IV.  God's Omni-abundant thoughts refarding us (vss. 17-24)

     A.  He continuously thinks about me!

     B.  He created me.

     C.  He cares for me.

     D.  He leads me.

V.  My response:  revere Him, receive Him, reveal Him, worship Him