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A Four Word Message

Mar 31, 2019 by: Chuck Steiner

A Four Word Message.  A closer look at salvation.

  I.  His Person--What's in a name?

      A.  Jesus=Jehovah saves.

            1.  He saves from the penalty of sin.

            2.  He saves from the pollution of sin.

            3.  He saves fromnt the postion of sin.

            4.  He saves from the power of sin.

            5.  He saves from the presence of sin.

      B.  Christ=Annointed One.

      C.  Lord=Ruler, dominion.

  II. His Purpose--What does the name mean?

       A.  He died to claim us as LORD.

       B.  He is coming back to be crowned as LORD.

  III.  His Promise--When we confess Him LORD.