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Scripture's Solution for Stress

Mar 24, 2019 by: Chuck Steiner

I.  Faith is the cure for fret.  Psalm 37:1-3

     A.  Worry is absolutely useless.  Matthew 6:25-27

           Two classes of things you should never worry about:

              1.  Things you can do something about.

              2.  Things you can't do something about.

     B.  Worry is absolutely harmful.  Psalm 37:8b; Matthew 6:30-34

     C.  Worry is the absolute antithesis of faith!  Matthew 6:25 & 33

II.  Delight is the cure for disappointment/discontent.  Psalm 37:4

III.  Committment is the cure for concern.  Psalm 37:5

    A.   Two days to scratch off your calendar of concern:

         1.  Yesterday  Philippians 3:13-14

         2.  Tomorrow Matthew 6:34

IV.  Rest is the cure for restlessness/resentment.  Psalm 37:8

V.  The common denominator for each condition or stress.  Psalm 37:39-40

     A.  Trust in the LORD

     B.  Delight in the LORD

     C.  Commit unto the LORD

     D.  Rest in the LORD