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The Angel's Song

Dec 16, 2018 Series: Christmas Playlist

The Angel’s Song: How Did God Come?
     I. RECIPIENTS of God’s Message

    II. CONTENT of God’s Message

           1. Fear not

           2. I Bring Good News 

   III. REHEARSAL Of God’s Names: Theology is the Foundation of Song

            1. Job: Savior = Redeemer 

            2. Title: Messiah = Christ 

            3. Identity: Lord = Yahweh 

   IV.REVIEW of God’s Actions: Action is the Declaration of His Intentionality

            1. God took on flesh, born as a human. 

            2. God bridged the gap by coming from heaven to earth. 

            3. God was born to a humble person in a humble location

            4. God’s arrival was announced to humble people

   V.SONG to God: Worship is Product of Joy

            1. God gets the Glory 

            2. God brought peace

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