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Living the Gospel -- Right Responses


Condemnation     1:18-3:20
Justification          3:21-5:21
Sanctification        6:1-8:39 

I. A supernatural response. 14, 17
     A. Bless those who persecute you.
     B. Do not curse those who persecute you.
     C. Do not get even with those who persecute you.
     D. Seek to honor those who persecute you.
II. A sincere response.  15-16
     A. Rejoice with those who rejoice.
     B. Weep with those who weep.
     C. Think in harmony with one another.
III. A sustained response. 18
     A. Live peaceably with all.
     B. Do all you can to live peaceably with all.
IV. A serene response. 19-21
     A. Rest in what God has promised to do.
     B. Respond supernaturally

Next Steps:

  • Right responses depend on humble submission!
  • Right responses demand a simple obedience!
  • Right responses develop into consistent action!