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Living the Gospel -- Renewed Thinking

September 30, 2018 Series: Romans: Unashamed of the Gospel

Scripture: Romans 12:3–8

Condemnation     1:18-3:20
Justification          3:21-5:21
Sanctification        6:1-8:39 

I. Renewed thinking about ourselves. 12:3
     A. Don’t think too high.
     B. Don’t think too low.
II. Renewed thinking about the Body. 12:4,5
     A. The unity of the many.
     B. The diversity of the one.
III. Renewed thinking about spiritual gifts. 12:6-8
     A. God gives each believer a gift through His Spirit.
     B. ALL believers have at least one gift. 
     C. The gifts are designed to enhance the Body.
          1. Prophecy – proportion to our faith
          2. Service – in serving
          3. Teaches – in teaching
          4. Exhorts – in exhortation
          5. Contributes – in generosity
          6. Leads – with zeal
          7. Acts of mercy – with cheerfulness

Next Steps Questions:
     ~ As a follower of Christ do you know your gift?
     ~ As a follower of Christ do you use your gift?

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