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Living the Gospel -- God's Will

September 23, 2018 Series: Romans: Unashamed of the Gospel

Scripture: Romans 12:1–2


Condemnation     1:18-3:20

Justification          3:21-5:21

Sanctification        6:1-8:39 -  “Therefore”

I. What are we to do to live the Gospel?
     Offer your body as a sacrifice:
     A. A living sacrifice
     B. A Holy sacrifice
     C. An acceptable sacrifice
II. How are we to live the Gospel?
     A. Stop being conformed to the world
     B. Keep on being transformed in your mind
III. Why are we to live the Gospel?
     To discern God’s will
     A. God’s good will
     B. God’s acceptable will
     C. God’s perfect will

Next Steps:
     ~ Remind yourself often every day of the mercies of the Gospel!
     ~ Set aside each day as a day of worship!
     ~ Evaluate every activity through the filter of non-conformity & transformation!
     ~ Resolve to obey God’s clear will!
     Ephesians 5:17 – the knowable will of God
     Ephesians 6:6 – serving Christ from the heart
     1 Thessalonians 4:3 – holiness
     1 Thessalonians 5:18 – thankfulness
     1 Peter 2:15 – doing good
     1 Peter 3:17 – willing to suffer unjustly
     1 Peter 4:19 – suffering for Christ’s sake
     1 John 2:17 – living eternal values

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