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Summer Psalms: Psalm 57

Aug 19, 2018 by: Tom Hopewell| Series: Summer Psalms

When in David’s life did he write this psalm?
1 Samuel 22:1,2
Observations of this Psalm:David’s repeated refrain v. 5,11
I. David’s confidence in the mercy of God.
     A. His reverence     1-2
     B. His relationship   3
     C. His rivals            4
II. David’s celebration of the majesty of God. 
     A. His rivals            6
     B. His relationship   7-8
     C. His reverence     9-10
Next Steps from this Psalm:
If God is to be exalted
     ...it must begin in a believing heart!
     ...we must continually be dependently humble before Him!
     ...we must be growing in our confident hope in a sovereign God! 
     ...we must publicly proclaim His glory to the nations!