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Summer Psalms: Psalm 51

August 5, 2018 Series: Summer Psalms

Scripture: Psalm 51–51

A Penitent Heart!

When in David’s life did he write this psalm?

2 Samuel 11-12

Observations of the Psalm:
I. Forgiveness  1-2
II. Confession  3-6
III. Cleansing  7-9
IV. Renewal     10-12
V. Testimony   13-17
VI. Prayer        18-19

Reflections from this Psalm:

~ See your heart transparently.

     I am a sinner.
     I must accept full responsibility. 
     My sin deserves the angry judgment of God.
     My sin is an affront to God’s holiness & purity.
     My only hope is the mercy and grace of God.

~ See God Biblically. 
     God is holy and pure.
     Only God can transform my heart.
     God is Just, and He is the Justifier.
     God is merciful and gracious.

Next Steps from this Psalm:
     ~ Be consumed with the truth of the Gospel!  v. 13
     ~ Live life pleasing to God!                               v. 17-19

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