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Summer Psalms: Psalm 18

July 30, 2018 Series: Summer Psalms

“The Lord is my Rock!”

Introduction and background: When in David’s life did he write this psalm?

David’s deliverances:

  • From King Saul
  • From Israel’s enemies
  • From his son Absalom

2 Samuel 22

Note the chiastic structure/outline of this psalm:

1-3 God’s Praise
      4-19 God’s Power
             20-24 God’s Process
                      25-26 God’s Principles
             27-31 God’s Process
      32-48 God’s Power
49-50 God’s Praise

I. The Rock is the person of God. 
     A. My strength 
     B. My rock 
     C. My fortress 
     D. My deliverer 
     E. My God 
     F. My rock 
     G. My shield 
     H. The horn of my salvation 
     I. My stronghold 
II. The Rock is the provisions of God. 
     A. His mercy 
     B. His grace 
     C. His salvation 
     D. His deliverance 
     E. His faithfulness 
III. The Rock is the purposes of God. 
     A. His glory in Christ His redemptive work in Christ

Next Steps:

◊    Make the Rock the foundation of your life.

◊    Make the Rock the sustenance of your life.

◊    Make the Rock the legacy of your life.

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