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Summer Psalms: Psalm 7

July 22, 2018 Series: Summer Psalms

Scripture: Psalm 7

Introduction and background: 
     “Shiggaion” – various views 
     “Cush” – from the tribe of Benjamin (Saul’s tribe and family) 
When might this have occurred in David’s life? 
I. A prayer for deliverance. 1,2 
II. A protest of innocence. 3-5 
III. A plea for judgment. 6-9 
IV. A picture of justice. 10-16 
V. A praise of worship. 17 
Next Steps: 
When facing the challenges of life: 
    ~ Clearly, passionately, run to the Lord. 
    ~ Carefully, persistently, be right with the Lord. 
    ~ Calmly, patiently, wait on the Lord. 
How to maintain a proper perspective: Psalm 37

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