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Evangelism - Reaching out

I. What Do We Share?
     A. Creation
     B. Fall
     C. Redemption
     D. Restoration

II. Why Do We Share?
     A. Matthew 28:19-20
     B. Acts 1:8

III. How Do We Share?
     A. How big a problem is our reluctance to evangelize?
     B. Employers are sometimes annoyed when Christians share their faith at work. Is it appropriate to witness on the boss’s time?
     C. How about an elderly person who is house-bound or a young mother with several small children? How can they evangelize?
     D. How do you do evangelism with people in your neighborhood?
     E. Is it every Christian’s job to evangelize?
     F. How important is the ordinary Christian’s conversation in spreading the gospel as opposed to formal preaching?