Worship with us on Sundays at 9:15am




  • Exaltation - Worship
  • Equipping - Training in God’s Word
  • Edification - Building others up
  • Evangelism - Reaching out

I. What is Worship?
II. What Unites Us in Worship?
     A. God-Centeredness
     B. Expecting the Powerful Presence of God
     C. Bible-Based and Bible-Saturated
     D. Praise Head and Heart
     E. Earnestness and Intensity
     F. Authentic Communication
     G. The Manifestation of God and the Common Good 
     H. Undistracting Excellence
     I. Mingling Historic and Contemporary Music
III. Why We Sing?
     A. We sing to own and affirm the Word
     B. We sing to engage our emotions with God’s Word
     C. We sing to demonstrate & build unity
IV. What a Congregational Song Should Be
     A. Should Focus on God
     B. Should be Biblical
     C. Should point to the Gospel
     D. Should be congregational
     E. Should be evangelistic
V. What is Liturgy? How we worship at BBC
     A. Creation
     B. Fall
     C. Redemption
     D. Restoration

Sources: What Unites Us in Worship from Pastor John Piper & Bethlehem Baptist Church; Why We Sing by Pastor Jonathan Leeman; What a Congregational Song Should Be by Pastor Matt Boswell; What is Liturgy? by Sojourn Church