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Biblical Church Leadership - Elders

May 27, 2018

Scripture: 1 Timothy 3:1–3:7, Titus 1:5–1:9

Two positions of Biblical Leadership in the Church
Why do we have elders (and deacons)?
     Elder– elder, bishop, pastor   Acts 20:17, 28
     Deacon– servant    Acts 6:1-7 / 1 Timothy 3:8-11

Who are elders?
I. Observable behavior governed by obedient heart
     A. above reproach (2 different words)
     B. husband of one wife
     C. sober-minded
     D. self-controlled
     E. respectable
     F. hospitable
     G. able to teach
     H. not a drunkard
     I. not violent, but gentle
     J. not quarrelsome
     K. not a lover of money
     L. lover of good
     M. upright
     N. holy
     O. disciplined
     P. doctrinally proficient
I.    Oversee his own family under God’s authority

II.   Obediently committed to God without exception

III.  Outstanding reputation even in community

                                     What are elders called to do?


                             How are elders placed into leadership?
*Assign                                      Next Steps:
                              How should we respond to elders?

                                           Hebrews 13:7, 17
     ~ Follow elders in pursuing the goal – to be more and more like Jesus Christ!
     ~ Obey and submit!
     ~ Pray for elders!