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No Condemnation

April 15, 2018 Series: Romans: Unashamed of the Gospel

Scripture: Romans 8:1–11

Condemnation     1:18-3:20
Justification          3:21-5:21
Sanctification       6:1-8:39
Key words defined:
     Sanctification – to be set apart from sin to God
          Positional – in Christ
          Progressive – more like Christ
          Perfected – seeing Christ, face to face
I. The declaration of deliverance. 1
     NO condemnation
     IN Christ Jesus
II. The delight of deliverance. 2-4
     The sufficient work of Christ on the cross.
III. The distinctions of deliverance. 5-11
    A. Mind set on the Spirit.
     B. Indwelling of the Spirit.
Next Steps:
     ~ In Christ we must proclaim the Good News!
     ~ In Christ we must think distinctly!
     ~ In Christ we must act distinctly!

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