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Tears Amidst Triumph -- Palm Sunday

Mar 25, 2018

The traditionally held chronology goes as follows:
Sunday—Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem
Monday—Cleansing the temple
Tuesday—Controversies with the Jewish leaders
Wednesday—Apparently a day of rest
Thursday—Preparation for Passover
Friday—Trial and Crucifixion
Saturday—Jesus rests in the tomb
Sunday—Jesus raised from the dead

I. The Preparation of the King 28-34
II. The Praise of the King 35-40
III. The Passion of the King 41-44

Next Steps:
What did Jesus see that triumphal day?

  • He saw superficial worshippers.
  • He saw hard-hearted religiosity.
  • He saw spiritual blindness.
  • He saw believing, obedient disciples.

What does Jesus see in your heart this Palm Sunday?