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Proof You Are Alive

Condemnation     1:18-3:20
Justification          3:21-5:21
Sanctification        6:1-8:39

Key words defined:
Sanctification – to be set apart from sin to God
     Positional – in Christ
     Progressive – more like Christ
     Perfected – seeing Christ, face to face
I. The Assumption 1
     Speaking to those who know the Law
II. The Assertion 1
     Law is binding as long as you live
III. The Analogy 2-3
     Death breaks the marriage bond
IV. The Application 4-6
     In Christ …
     A. We have died to the Law
     B. We are no longer captive to Law
     C. We now belong to Christ
     D. We are to bear fruit for God
     E. We are free to serve in new way of the Spirit
Next Steps:
     > Reaffirm God’s design in marriage.(this is important even though not the primary purpose of the text.)
     > Bear fruit to God.
     > Serve in the new way of the Spirit.