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What is True Freedom?

February 25, 2018 Series: Romans: Unashamed of the Gospel

Scripture: Romans 6:15–23

I. Head
Key Words:
slaves (8), obey, present, freedom, wages, gifts, know (v16) righteousness-doing what is right, sin
Key Concepts:under law, under grace, slaves to sin, slaves to righteousness, freedom from sin, death: spiritual, physical, & separation from God.
Associated Doctrines:Justification, Imputation of Christ’s Obedience & Righteousness, Sanctification, Removal of God’s Wrath, Sin, Glorification, Condemnation, Holy Spirit Enablement, Christology

II. Heart
Beautiful Views:
 slave to a kind master, gifts upon gifts (sanctification, holiness, eternity), grace of God, gift that keeps on giving, freedom to delight in all that God has done, is doing & will do, He loves you & wants your success
Savored Thoughts: power of sin destroyed! stability in the hard & terrible, He is IN the boat with you! No longer slaves to sin & death!
From the Heart: theses realities should  & can transform the way you see, savor & delight in Christ, We’re not talking behavior, we’re talking about views & desires, allegiance, commitment (v16) willingly & joyfully present yourself      

III. Hand
 You are a slave to who you present your life to, so by all means present your life to God.the Gospel brings heart transformation, not merely behavior modification
Delighting: as the life of Christ was and is characterized by spontaneous and joyful obedience to the Father’s will, so is the life of those in Christ will be characterized by the same obedience                
Obeying: hear your heart by seeing your actions, Imputation of Christ’s Obedience & can transform the way you see, savor Sanctification is the process of becoming increasingly obedient to the will of God. The command to love God and love others—there is so many ways, both big and small, to show loves to others! Obedience is the key to our true freedom! The imperatives flow from relationship. Believer’s life looks like the character of God.

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