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Seven Questions With One Answer - Book of Malachi

January 14, 2018 Pastor: Dr. Wayne Vanderwier

Scripture: Malachi 1:1–3:18


Are we living in Malachi’s Day? In Palestine 433-424 B.C 
No, in a place where-
     > Despite Gods grace- religious ritual
     > Despite Gods instruction - moral perversity 

Question #1: How have you loved us 
Answer: “I chose (and blessed and delivered and protected and spoke to) you

Question #2:How have we despised our name?
Answer: “You are presenting defiled food upon my altar.”

Question #3: How have we despised our name?
Answer: “in that you say, ‘The table of the Lord is to be despised.’ . . .”

Question #4: How have we wearied Him? 
Answer: “In that you say, . . .(two really wrong things!)

Question #5: How shall we return? ( We don’t think we ever left!)
Answer: Return to me, and I will return to you.

Question #6: How have we robbed You?
Answer: “In tithes and offerings.”

Question #7: What have we spoken against You?
Answer: “It is in vain to serve God, and only the proud and wicked prosper.”

Seven Questions One Answer: Completely